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Our Waitresses

Coming from Estonia, Australia and Spain our waitresses have a flare for bringing a smile to all our customers. Ea, non proident dolor magna est laborum incididunt, qui dolore velit dolore sed incididunt in. Non ullamco sint dolor, voluptate dolore nisi officia ex. Magna consectetur eu enim in. Laboris est eiusmod occaecat in anim lorem est eu lorem ullamco. Incididunt nulla velit, cupidatat consequat deserunt, minim id ut enim. Ut exercitation dolore eiusmod quis ea. Consequat excepteur est reprehenderit ut ex ad consectetur in consectetur labore ea. Culpa aliqua minim sit anim. Lorem ea nulla enim aute in nostrud sunt sint in sunt lorem, officia irure consectetur cupidatat culpa commodo. Esse in tempor consequat sed ut consectetur deserunt officia et incididunt tempor in elit eu.

History of The Clock Cafe

The Clock Cafe was originally a bake house providing newly baked bread for the residents of Dalry. The site of the ovens can still be seen today down stairs.